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How to buy $NOFUD

Please use this guide to help you through the buying process


Step 1

Create a Trust Wallet, Metamask or other Supported Wallet

Download the Trust Wallet, Metamask or other supported wallet app and follow the steps to create your wallet. Always remember to keep the 12-word seed phrase a secret! Do not share it with anyone ever! We will never ask you for your seed phrase, ever!

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Step 2

Purchase BNB Smart Chain

Select Smart Chain BNB and click on the “Buy” button at the top of the app to purchase Smart Chain BNB via a third party provider. Continue through with the purchase. This step is not instant and may take a few minutes to complete your transaction.

Step 3

Swap BNB for $NOFUD Token

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Open pancake swap (link for this is on the Website). Connect your trust wallet, select ‘wallet connect’ followed by ‘trust’. This will take you back to your trust wallet to confirm the connection. Once complete, return to pancake swap and swap BNB for $NOFUD. Ensure the correct contract address has been added before performing any transaction, $NOFUD contract is:

Ensure that the slippage is at 10%, and that Smart Chain (BNB) is in the top slot, and that $NOFUD is in the bottom slot. Just click swap! You can view your token balance in your trust wallet.